Microsoft Office Training Workshops

Our range of Microsoft Office training workshops can be tailored and delivered nationwide

Microsoft Access – Advanced

Our Microsoft Access Advanced course introduces techniques employed by professional application developers providing you with the skills to build feature rich database systems. It is expected that you will have experience or training within Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Outlook – Basics

This training workshop is aimed at AutoCAD improvers who wish to explore and develop their knowledge of 2D draughting tools and develop further skills within AutoCAD.

Microsoft Excel- Advanced

Our Microsoft Excel Advanced training course introduces techniques employed by experienced users to enhance your use of Excel and build feature rich spreadsheets.

Microsoft Access – Introduction

Our Microsoft Access Basic course gives you a grounding in access and will enable you to build simple database systems that can benefit your business. It is expected that you will have a certain basic knowledge of using a computers but no prior experience with Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Excel – Introduction

Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course introduces you to the central workings of Excel enabling you to produce spreadsheets that can benefit your business.

Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

Our Microsoft Excel Intermediate training course builds on your prior knowledge of Excel and incorporates this into producing more complex spreadsheets to enhance business capabilities.

Microsoft Outlook – Advanced

Our Microsoft Outlook Advanced course offers the user an opportunity to enhance their use of Outlook by organising, filtering and customising their use of the program to enable them to streamline their daily work.

Microsoft Project – The Fundamentals

Microsoft Project is designed to assist project teams in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workloads.

Microsoft PowerPoint – The Basics

This Microsoft PowerPoint course offers learners an opportunity to learn the fundamental groundings of producing a business presentation using slides and graphics. No prior experience with Microsoft PowerPoint is required.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced

Our Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced course encourages the more confident PowerPoint user to explore new techniques in producing business presentations including sound, animation and video.

Microsoft Word – Introduction

The course introduces you to the essential concepts required to produce basic business documents. This course is intended for individuals who want to gain an operational knowledge of working on Word.

Microsoft Access – Intermediate

Our Microsoft Access Intermediate course builds on your prior knowledge and enables you to create a more flexible and robust database system making it much easier for the user to operate.