Adobe Photoshop – Advanced

Our Photoshop Advanced course is suitable for those people looking to use more advanced image handling tools available within Photoshop. It will suit those from various disciplines including web design, advertising, desktop publishing, multimedia design, digital video editing, and many others.

Working with Video

Use Photoshop to edit quick-time video and image sequence files, add titles and a soundtrack. In this module you will create a short promotional video and rendering options for web output.

  • Opening video files/The timeline
  • Creating/Modifying a video layer
  • Adding text to video
  • Splitting a video layer
  • Adding a transition/audio/Animation
  • Export to video
  • Export an animated GIF for Twitter/Social Media


You can use filters for a multitude of tasks. From adding creative blur effects for greater depth of field to adding artwork in a perspective grid.

  • Vanishing point/Creating a perspective grid
  • Cloning/Paste in perspective grid
  • Oil Painting
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Blur gallery
  • Lighting effects

Scripts and Automation

There are occasions when you are required to apply identical modifications across multiple documents. Save time by recording image edits once and deploy them with Photoshop’s automated actions feature with conditional actions that determine which set of edits to apply according to the image characteristics.

  • Export Layer Comps
  • Image Processor
  • Batch process
  • Create a actions and action sets
  • Insert a conditional

Healing and retouching

We will guide you through some of the best tips and tricks for quick, effective retouching within Photoshop and Camera Raw. Edit organically by liquefying pixels for portrait images and spot retouching.

  • Heal & retouch in ACR
  • Liquefy
  • Content Aware technology and panoramas

Adobe Camera Raw

Learning how to work with digital negatives and unlock the power of the Camera Raw editing in a non- destructive XMP workflow.

  • Camera Raw workflow
  • Processing multiple files/film strip
  • Sharpen/Noise/Tone Curves
  • Adjustment Brush/Radial Filter/Graduated Filter
  • ACR Bird’s Eye View

Vector Shapes

Create vector shape layers that contain dynamic, live attributes that allow you to alter their fill, stroke and corner appearance without degrading quality.

  • Vector based layers and shapes
  • Shape libraries
  • Define shape fills/Strokes characteristics
  • Add/subtract and merge shapes
  • Dynamic shape properties

Layer Compositing Techniques 

In this module we take a look at how to remove crowds of people in artwork originally shot at a busy public event. Stitch together panoramic images, and create multiple design revisions in one document with Layer Comps.

  • Layer Comps
  • Blend layers with Statistics (remove people)
  • Panoramas
  • Filter layers by type/Name/Attribute/Colour


High Dynamic Range imaging can overcome challenging photographic scenarios where lighting is either too bright or too dark. By combining multiple exposures into one composite image you can achieve real world lighting conditions and enhance image detail.

  • HDR Pro multiple images
  • Tone and retouch in Adobe Camera Raw
  • HDR Toning

Masks with Channels 

Building upon the techniques found in our introduction course, this masking module takes a look at effective techniques for masking/extracting some of the most challenging subject matter from their backdrops.

  • Masking hair/edit masks
  • Refine mask
  • Masking layers and groups
  • Paint in a mask

Creative Cloud integration

We take a look at how your Adobe desktop apps integrate with online services and mobile devices.

  • Create a new guide layout
  • Create and manage artboards
  • Preview Photoshop artwork on a tablet device.
  • Extract Assets
  • Quick export
  • Export layers/Groups/Artboards
Course Overview
Course Length 2 day workshop
Location Nationwide - call for details
Number of Delegates 4-6 delegates
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