Invisible PowerPoint Workshop

A practical approach to your most powerful presentations Course Summary & Objectives:

Presenting with power and passion – what’s in it for me?
Explore why those who can present with confidence and conviction are hugely sought after and are considered a massive asset to any organisation. What makes a powerful presentation and how we can achieve this every time.

Planning, goals and audience analysis
Why are we presenting, what are we looking to achieve and how best to succeed in meeting both our audience’s and our own needs. Essential tools to adopt before we begin to construct our presentation.

Construction and content building
How best to construct a presentation that is able to educate, inspire and even transform our audiences. The key building blocks and strategies to ensure our content is both effective and memorable.

How to open our audience and engage instantly. The 5 ‘must have’ components to the opening of any presentation and how we can captivate the room.

Body language – the art of selling your message
Putting the YOU into every presentation you make. How to increase the impact of your message and sparkle time and time again. How to create the most memorable presentations imaginable.

Visual impact
The how and why and when to use visuals. What inspires and what tires. How to revolutionise your PowerPoint shows. Alternative visuals and how to make the right impact every time.

Nerves and confidence
Overcoming nerves and dealing with stressful situations with increased confidence. Hiding the shakes and dealing with our fears. Our workshop format ensures maximum activity and hands on learning with an interactive and practical series of exercises throughout the day.

Question time and closing
Methods and tactics for question time and why this is an excellent opportunity to bond with your audience. The 5 R’s of how to deal with sticky, tricky and icky questions. How to close your presentation and ensure you and your message are remembered and actioned.

Quite possibly a life changing session.

About the Trainer

Nick has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his impactful humour, focused observation and his power to inspire action. Nick has a potent and unique approach to communication which will not only alter the way you think, but, more importantly, transform the way you act.

Nick will inspire even the most diverse audience to take action; to think smarter, to change behaviours and to achieve greater personal and business success through the power of enhanced communication.

Nick has worked with a range of Clients including Disney, BBC and HSBC and has also appeared on the Business Intelligence show on SKY TV, reaching an even wider audience with his communication insights.

Course Overview
Course Length 1 day workshop
Location Nationwide
Number of Delegates Maximum 8-10 delegates
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"The training was well planned and specific to the needs of our department. I would highly recommend."

Financial Director - HotelREZ

“The trainer was a nice guy and attentive to my needs. An intuitive training technique concentrating on my needs rather than a set agenda or list."

Executive Assistant - Raphael Healthcare