Infection Prevention and Control

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Everyone has a part to play when it comes to infection prevention and control. Ensuring you know the most effective ways you can stop the spread of viruses could help reduce the risk of infection in your workplace.

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus it’s more important than ever to understand the most effective ways you can help prevent the spread of infection in your workplace. 

We are now offering a free training course which will introduce learners to the most effective methods to help prevent viruses spreading.

This course will focus on how to effectively wash your hands and why this is so important in infection control.

Learners will also be able to understand the importance of recognising if they’re fit to work or if they could pose a risk of infection to others by going into work.

To access this free content, please just email and include your full name and email address that you would like us to send the course to.

Stay safe, respect others, listen to guidelines and keep positive!