Free Training Resources during COVID-19

Thank you for visiting our free training resources page.

We have put together a few training courses and resources that we felt may be useful to staff working from home, currently on furlough or within the workplace needing to ensure they stay safe, whilst continuing to work.

In addition to this, we do have a range of other cost effective online training content which you can view here

An Introduction to Infection and Prevention Control

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus it’s more important than ever to understand the most effective ways you can help prevent the spread of infection in your workplace. 

This free training course will introduce learners to the most effective methods to help prevent viruses spreading. This course will focus on how to effectively wash your hands and why this is so important in infection control.

You will learn:

  • How you can contribute to infection prevention and control in the workplace
  • Demonstrate standard infection prevention precautions
  • Understand your responsibility to prevent passing on infections in the workplace

Learners will also be able to understand the importance of recognising if they’re fit to work or if they could pose a risk of infection to others by going into work.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Resource Pack

Mental health and well-being are extremely important topics for both employers and employees to consider and actively encourage. However it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to implementing strategies.

This free course has been designed as a resource pack full of tips and advice to help an individual’s mental and well-being. This resource pack includes information on a wide range of different topics; from stress management to work-related mental health to tracking indicators of mental health such as sleep.

This resource pack uses multiple learning methods including:

  • e-Learning content
  • Online videos
  • Online articles
  • Book recommendations
  • Activity websites
  • Only resources such as a sleep tracker and internal stress test

This resource pack aims to cover to address a wide range of mental health and wellbeing topics to provide learners with a well-rounded understanding of their mental health and the relevant tools.

Working from Home Resource Pack

This resource pack contains useful information to help learners find effective ways to adjust to the working from home environment and how to effectively manage teams from home. This resource pack aims to aid those who find themselves working from home as part of their job role.

It covers several different topics; from cultivating a productive mindset, to managing teams remotely to looking at what you can do to protect yourself against cyber-attacks.

This pack contains a range of different resources including:

  • e-Learning content
  • Online videos
  • Online articles
  • Book recommendations

This resource pack aims to cover to address the various considerations home workers have to ensure wellbeing and productive while working.

To access any of these free resources, please contact our training team on 01636 343034 or email

Please include your full name (first name and surname) and an email address for the learner(s) to be set up on our Learning Management System and to allow us to allocate the training content and should you have any questions, just get in contact with us!