Creating A Social Media Presence Within Your Industry

Creating A Social Media Presence Within Your Industry

When it comes to creating a social media presence, the basic concepts of social media across the majority of industries are the same. Everyone wants to gain social media recognition and a slice of the action to help grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. Once you’ve established which social media networks work for your business, by following some simple strategies you can evolve your social media personality and presence.

Social Media Branding

This isn’t the time to try new styles and ideas, new followers need to know they’ve found your business on Facebook or Twitter by being able to easily identify your trademark logo.

In addition to having social media icons on your website, you should also link your social media accounts back to your website, so however, your customers interact with your company they have a seamless journey.

Establish Your Industry Knowledge

Becoming the ‘go to’ voice within your industry ensures followers will turn to your business when they need advice, help or the services and products you offer.

Writing blog posts that answer users problems or questions and then sharing these across your social media platforms is a great way to build a presence on social media within your industry and drive traffic to your website.

Be Social And Show Your Human Side

Responding and engaging with anyone who likes, shares or comments on any social media posts whether on Facebook, Twitter or indeed any social media platform is essential. This means when someone posts something, talk back to them. Let them know you are reading what they are posting and you’re listening to what they want. Then, give them more of what they want to keep them engaged.

Add benefits

Social media is not all about you, the people who visit your social media page want to know what’s in it for them? This doesn’t have to be about freebies and giveaways but think about giving added value to customers within your industry, such as Q’s & A’s, e-books, best practice or ‘how to’ guides. Building added benefits into your social media strategy will help you pull in followers who will stay engaged.

Create A Social Media Strategy

How to best achieve the above is to collate your goals, actions, and outcomes within a social media strategy to ensure each social network you are participating in is achieving its full potential. Incorporate into your strategy a marketing calendar, with details of all your company events, industry related news, conferences etc, to help you to stay focused and organised.

Good social media requires time and effort in order to turn heads within any industry. Creating and sharing valuable content and not just reeling out a sales pitch will work far better and give you the edge on achieving a strong social media presence for your company.